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Visual Software Architects Close Corporation was founded in 1995 and since its commencement has been in the communications industry.

  • In '95 the business environment in South Africa was beginning to make the transition from the DOS environment to the Windows environment.  At that time Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Windows for Workgroups (3.11) were the most popular Windows versions ever released.  Customers using these operating systems were resistant to using DOS based & non-network compliant call management systems as all their other applications were fully Windows compliant.  We accepted this challenge, and since version 1.0 of our software we have met these criteria.

  • In early 1998 the market place in South Africa had embraced the Windows environment far more comprehensively with the release of the Windows '95 and '98 operating systems from Microsoft.  During this time PBX's (Private Branch Exchange's) had entered the digital age and along with it came new features we could incorporate in our software.  At this point, we made the transition to the 32-bit software environment and released a complete re-write of our call management system with version 3.0.

  • In 1999 version 4.0 was released, followed closely by version 5.0, enabling us to provide multiple PBX and multi-site solutions.  Version 5.0 evolved and underwent 22 revisions as new features were continuously sought after and new drivers were constantly added as PBX's emerged on the market.

  • In 2006 we released VSA RAMpage 2006.  This product provided solutions for monitoring disk usage quotas, facsimile usage, telephony usage, internet browsing, e-mail traffic, and printer/copier usage.  We migrated our database technology from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL 2000/2005 and provided an unparalleled hierarchical organisation structure building and reporting mechanism.

  • VSA proudly announces the release of VSA RAMpage 2009.  This software builds on the strengths of its predecessor while making the software even easier to use than before.  The software has a new look, a completely revised navigation system, and a rich set of new features everyone is excited about.


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