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Call Accounting
Disk Quota Usage
Fax Monitoring
E-Mail Tracking
Print/Copier Usage
Internet Monitoring
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  • Call Accounting.  This is the monitoring of outbound, inbound, and internal call traffic to establish the level of use, misuse, and abuse of telephony resources, and enable the billing back thereof to individuals and departments.  It is also used as a tool to establish peak call periods to enable an organisation to determine line availability, call traffic pattern analyses to specify optimum least cost routing solutions, and view operator answer response times to determine customer satisfaction.

  • Disk Quota Usage.  The billing of disk space usage on file servers back to individuals, cost centres, and/or organisational units.

  • Fax Monitoring.  Description of subject matter sent, telephony billing for costs incurred by outbound faxes, billing for number of pages printed on receipt of faxes, document tracking for security purposes, the success or failure status of outbound and inbound faxes, and information to determine the availability of channels to transmit and receive faxes.

  • E-Mail Tracking.  Provides sender and recipient information, size and type of documents attached, subject matter, priority level, encryption usage, bandwidth usage, and the time it took to transmit or download the Email.

  • Print/Copier Usage.  Enables the billing back of printing resources to individuals and their respective departments.  Billed resources include amount of toner or ink used, number of sheets used, size and type of paper used, whether colour printing or monochrome printing was used, and the number of staples used.

  • Internet Monitoring.  Analyses of web sites visited, type of content users are downloading, size of documents, and quality of service experienced in terms of success status or type of failure.

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