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  • SQL database: This engine is a robust database server technology that can manage terabyte-sized databases accessed by thousands of concurrent users.  The software comes standard with the SQL 2008 (Express) database engine.  Customers with huge data storage requirements may opt to upsize their SQL to other editions as Express has a 4GB storage capacity limitation.

  • Network enabled: VSA RAMpage has the flexibility to be installed as a stand-alone management tool for small businesses or a powerful networked multi-site solution for organizations running a multitude of data sources and data source types.

  • Run-as services: The collection, processing, and scheduling modules have been designed to run as low-level, background, Windows services, offering more stability in ensuring data integrity and application security.  No Windows user logon is required in order for the application to run.

  • User friendly: Simple, easy-to-use wizards and graphical interface, make the system setup, use, and maintenance effortless.

  • Flexible hierarchy: Unlike most software packages, VSA RAMpage is not limited to merely providing a rigid 3, 7, or 10 level organisational hierarchy.  Each branch of the hierarchy can have a different number of levels.  Furthermore, as is often required, a cost centre hierarchy can exist in tandem with the organisation hierarchy for companies where the two do not mirror each other structurally.

  • Customisable reports: All reports are highly customisable by simply checking/un-checking what is required.  Unparalleled filtering, sorting, Top 'N', and relative date period selection options for specific report queries.  Row highlighting may also be applied to flag groups and/or records meeting particular criteria.

  • Scheduled delivery: Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports to be e-mailed directly to you or simply saved to disk, exchange folder, or Web folder.

  • Web interface: The WEB Module allows for quick record viewing, archived report viewing, report creation and scheduling, and directory browsing, all from inside your web browser.

  • Alert notification: VSA RAMpage comes standard with a variety of tasks and alerts that may be automatically scheduled or respond to specific events.  Are users phoning competitors or dialling unauthorised numbers?  Have they exceeded their telephony, Email, or Internet browsing quota?  Immediate notification via E-mail, Pager, and Net send ensures system integrity and awareness at all times.

  • Data source drivers: The drivers for PBX, Email, fax, Web, and other device monitoring are independent software components which can be downloaded, for free, off the internet and imported into the application.

  • Multiple carrier support: This means the software can be set up to recognise least cost call routing and provide accurate billing for multiple network carriers connected to your PBX simultaneously, each with their own distinctive billing system.

  • Single code / rate table: Cost codes and dial codes only need to be updated once per database and not for each monitored device and location, even if implemented as a multi-national solution.  This can be downloaded from our web site at VSA RAMpage 2006.

  • Collection methodology: There is no limitation as to the number of data sources that may be integrated for a centralised solution. The multithreading environment offers the ability for fast, asynchronous data logging via a number of different connection methods, namely: Serial, FTP, Modem, File Input, and TCP connectivity.

  • Data protection: Various serial, network, and modem hardware buffer boxes are available to store data and prevent data loss.

  • Security: An advanced security system provides flexibility and ease in administering security control and specific user rights.  As system administrator, you decide who has access to the system and what control they have over it.  You are not confined to pre-programmed rigid access levels, as you can create and customise as many ‘user profiles’ as you like that provide 'content-based' and 'context-based' security.

  • Capacity planning: A detailed outline on how utilised your devices are at any given time of the day, enables you to determine if you require more capacity due to congestion or can remove some devices due to redundancy.

  • Application integration: Export report data to spreadsheet or hotel applications so you can customise data, chart data, or integrate data into existing financial or other reports.

  • Comprehensive event logging: Detailed reporting of all additions, modifications, deletions, and other events with date, time, and user information so that accountability for specific actions is available when required.

  • Installation is simple and straightforward: Your existing resource management system can be upgraded quickly and easily.  More importantly, changes are very easy to implement without having to call out the service engineers.


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